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This website provides a significant amount of information in relation to executive remuneration in the Victorian Public Sector including a Model Executive Contract Template.

Victorian Public Sector Commission

A Manual for Best Practice in Employment Relations and OH&S

The Victorian TAFE Association A Manual for Best Practice in Employment Relations and OH&S has been prepared to provide Institute Boards, CEO’s, Human Resource staff and line managers with a best practice guidance on contemporary human resources, employee relations/industrial relations, and OH&S practices.  This latest manual has been fully revised and updated as of September 2019.

It is not our intention that the manual should cover all aspects of Employment Relations Management as there are many comprehensive manuals, policies and procedures readily available and applied throughout the sector. TAFE’s may wish to consider and apply aspects of this manual to augment, revise or include in their own materials. The manual has been set out in a logical format covering the employee lifecycle with policies, procedures, forms and templates.

2019 Manual for Best Practice ER and OHS FINAL (V4) (2.39 MB)

Forms and Templates