Key policy areas

The TAFE Network at the forefront of State economic and industry policy and priorities 

Context and vision 

A growing population, an expanding and changing economy and significant investment in government projects and priorities is driving a strong need for skilled workers across many industries in Victoria. The Victorian TAFE Institutes and dual sector universities (the TAFE Network) have a critical role to play in delivering this pipeline of workers.  

With both the Victorian and Australian Government making election commitments to provide 70 per cent of VET funding to TAFE, Government policy now requires that TAFE will deliver most of the government-funded skills and training in Victoria. The TAFE Network is the critical partner to delivering both the Victorian and the Australian Government’s policy priorities and commitments to put ‘TAFE at the heart of the VET sector’. 

The Australian Universities Accord Final Report also recognises the central role of TAFEs and dual sector universities in meeting Australia’s skills targets. With the principle of ‘TAFE at the heart of the VET sector’, the TAFE Network is the first port of call for training and education and should be embedded in government processes and procedures. Funding and regulatory models, as well as broader policy decisions by governments, should reflect ‘TAFE at the heart of the VET sector’, so that TAFE can truly be the engine room for delivering on these priorities – to the benefit of governments, industries, communities and learners. 

Policy priorities 

The TAFE Network should be supported through sustainable funding, appropriate regulation, and industry and Government partnerships that embed the TAFE Network as the first choice for all parties seeking to address vocational education and training (VET) skills needs at any level, with VET considered and promoted as an equal choice alongside higher education pathways. 

The VTA’s policy and advocacy agenda for 2024-2026 focusses on partnering with the TAFE Network, government, industry, communities and learners to deliver a TAFE sector that is sustainable, innovative and central to Victoria’s future. 

Securing a TAFE sector that is sustainable, innovative and central to Victoria’s future. 

Policy and advocacy priorities: 2024-2026 

  1. Funding that ensures sustainable, innovative, responsive and accessible TAFE institutes 
  2. Efficient compliance and regulation that underpins highest quality and efficient institutes, and promotes TAFE innovation 
  3. TAFE as the first choice for students, industry and government 
  4. A capable, high quality and responsive teaching and professional TAFE workforce
  5. A culture of innovation and proactive collaboration that leverages the TAFE Network to maximise impact 
  6. A governance framework that underpins success.