Victorian TAFE Networks

The network registry listed below has been compiled by the VTA to inform the public TAFE sector and to facilitate a further opportunity for communication within and between networks who often address the same issues at the same time, albeit from different perspectives.

Through connecting networks of executives, managers, coordinators, teachers, and practitioners, the register is intended to help build the capability of the sector.

It is worth noting the following factors

This register is considered to be ‘work in progress’ and any amendments or additions are most welcome. 

Victorian TAFE Association
03 9639 8100


Aged and Community Care Trainers’ Network

Pam Reid
0418 446 332

Michael Stanley
0419 376 051

Apprenticeship/Traineeship TAFE Network (ATTN)

Erinn Freeburn 
0435 961 515

Bricklaying Teachers’ Network

Derek Rylah
03 9468 3300

Counsellors@TAFE Network

Priyanka Choudhury (Facilitator)
03 9279 2506
0468 573 411

Heather Handley (Facilitator)
0436 936 471

    1. Open Positions: Coordinator/ Convenor x 2 (voluntary)


  1. Help coordinate the meetings
  2. Organise the venue or catering if required
  3. Update VTA of our quarterly meeting
  4. Organise PDs or keynote speakers
  5. Liaise with TAFEs for an updated member list

Meeting dates for 2022

Equine Teachers Network

Brodie Harrison
0415 558590

Massage & Myotherapy Network


OH&S/Workcover Network

Bron Glover
03 9286 9340

QuIET Network (Quality in Education and Training)


Visit Website

Student Administration Managers’ Network

Sue Grayson
The Gordon
(03) 5225 0566

TAFE Disability Network

Membership: The TAFE Disability Network (TDN) is the network of Disability Liaison Officers (DLOs) from across the TAFE sector in Victoria.  Some members may have different titles and a diverse range of duties but we all see ourselves as peers.  The role of TDN is in the capacity of peer support for new and existing DLO’s.

Tracey Stewart
03 9564 1649 

TAFE Sector Alumni Community of Practice

Dawn Hewitt
03 9286 9552



Peter Sells
03 9212 4509

VDSS Leader CoP Network

Ben Jenkinson

Chisholm Institute 
T  +61 3 9212 5386
M 0447 367 329


VET Facilities Managers’ Group

Jim Stoikos


Kim Blamey

VET Practitioners’ Network (VPN)

Membership: The Victorian VET Practitioners’ Network (VPN) is a peak network for TAFE practitioners delivering accredited qualifications in training and assessment.

Committee Members: 
Alan Maguire,
Michelle Christie,
Dorothy Lapham,
Deborah Mullan,

Victorian Association of TAFE Business Managers (VATBM)

Eileen Sargent
Director Corporate (CFO)

Victorian Association of TAFE Libraries

Web Page

Victorian Carpentry Teachers’ Network

The Victorian Carpentry Teachers’ Network (VCTN) draws its members from TAFEs, dual sector universities that deliver certificate II and III in Carpentry and schools that are auspiced by those institutions. 

The Network meets 4 times a year at various locations around Victoria.

Membership is limited to people that are either employed directly by a TAFE or associated with a TAFE (auspicing).

Chair: Daniel Bonnici
0403 563 443

Victorian Practitioner Research Network (VPRN)

Ron Wilson

Victorian TAFE High Education Provider Network (HEP)

Jason Patten
03 5990 7125

Victorian TAFE ICT Network

Madeleine Hayne
03 9238 8505

Victorian TAFE Procurement Network (VTPN)

Michelle Turk
Contracts and Procurement Officer
Bendigo Kangan Institute


Victorian TAFE State-wide Early Childhood and Education Support Network

Sue Wyatt
03 9212 4556

Victorian TAFEs VET Delivered to Secondary Students Network

Membership: representatives from VCAA VET unit and Victorian TAFE institutes and dual sector universities.  The objective of the Network is to provide ongoing support to network members to facilitate the provision of vocational education for senior secondary students.

Key contact: Matthew Braithwaite
03 9032 1670

Victorian Tourism and Hospitality Educators Network (VTHEN)

Membership: representatives from Tourism, Events, Hospitality, Cookery, Patisserie and Bakery courses from Victorian TAFE institutes and dual sector universities.  The objective of the Network is to provide ongoing professional development to trainers and moderation of units

Contact: Simon Buchner

03 9564 6289

Student Support Community of Practice

Contact details:

Tanya Francois