Good Practice in VET teaching and Learning User Guide (1009 KB)  (April 2018)

This guide was developed by Deste Consulting Services and Deschepper Consulting on behalf of the Victorian Department of Education and Training. It provides information about, and examples of, good practice in teaching and learning for Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers. It was developed by drawing on the wide and varied experiences of VET practitioners working in the government-subsidised training market in Victoria.

Challenge-based Learning (2.13 MB)  (October 2018)

The Victorian TAFE Assocation and the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI) were pleased to host two workshops in October 2018, including Applied Research and Industry Collaboration and Entrepreneurship and Challenge-based Learning. These workshops were delivered by experts from TKNIKA, one of Europe’s leading VET promotional organistion. 

A PDF of the presentation delivered at the Challenge-based Learning workshop has been provided (refer to above link).

Applied Research and Innovation in VET (505 KB)  (October 2018)

This discussion paper was commissioned by the Victorian TAFE Association (VTA) as background for a discussion about how applied research is best defined in vocational education and training (VET) contexts. It was tabled at the Applied Research and Innovation Affinity Group workshop held at the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) World Congress in Melbourne in October 2018, and extended beyond the workshop through the use of technology.

The importance of TAFE to Victoria’s prosperity (3.34 MB)   (June 2018)

The major contribution of the TAFE sector to Victorian prosperity was confirmed in a report released by the Victorian TAFE Association in conjunction with KPMG.

Written by Professor Stephen Parker, KPMG’s National Education Leader, and drawing on analysis and modelling by KPMG Economics, The Importance of TAFE to Victoria’s Prosperity outlines the ways Victoria’s 12 standalone TAFE institutes and four dual sector universities support Victoria’s economic and social prosperity.

Youth in TAFE Report, January 2017 (759 KB)

This research project investigates the realities and challenges for Victoria’s 12 TAFEs and 4 dual sector universities in providing young people from disadvantaged circumstances with a learning environment and support services to enable them to successfully re-engage with education.  The report is based on information collected through qualitative and quantitative data collection processes conducted with TAFEs and dual sector universities in 2015. 

 Strengths and Benefits of the Victorian TAFE Model, January 2017 (475 KB)

The rationale for this paper is set against the significant changes to TAFE systems that have occurred in other State jurisdictions largely in the last four years.

Victoria is now the only State that retains a diverse system of TAFE Institutes.