Centre for Economics of Education and Training – CEET undertakes research, research training, consultancies and dissemination on the economics and finance of education and training.

The main areas of current study are:

occupational and skill changes in the Australian economy and their implications for education and training,
participation and outcomes in education and training, in total and for equity groups, and
costs, efficiency and alternative forms of financing of education and training.
Dissemination activities include CEET’s annual national conference and regular seminars. Staff participate in workshops and seminars, particularly for the education and training community and other research organisations.

CEET publishes working papers, research reports, monographs, collections of papers and a newsletter, THE CEETSHEET most of which are available on this website.


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Geographical location and contact details

Centre for the Economics of Education & Training
Faculty of Education
Building 6

Faculty of Education
Building 6
Wellington Road
Clayton, Victoria

Phone: + 61 3 9905 9157
Fax: +61 3 9905 9184
Email: ceet@monash.edu.au