Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy (CVEP) – a research centre contributing to the growth of knowledge about education and training in Australia through evidence-driven scholarly analysis, consultancy and policy advice. Our work focusses on pathways within upper secondary education and from upper secondary education into higher education, vocational education and training (VET), work-based training and the labour market, both in an international and a comparative context.

We integrate research, consultancy and teaching in this specialised policy area. We seek to contribute to improve: the transitions and learning outcomes of disengaged youth at the national and jurisdictional levels and the quality of VET and upper secondary education systems, processes, practices and outcomes.


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Geographical and Contact details

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Kwong Lee Dow Building
234 Queensberry Street
The University of Melbourne

Phone: 13 MELB (13 6352) or +61 3 9035 5511 (international)
Fax: +61 3 8344 8529