Marketing Managers' Network

About the Network

The Marketing Managers’ Network was formed in 2014.


Victoria public sector TAFE/dual sector universities marketing staff who have managerial responsibilities and decision-making authority within their organisation.  Members can bring other staff as appropriate.


The network will provide:

  • A forum for informed discussion
  • Opportunities for the sharing of implicit and explicit knowledge and experiences relating to areas of common interest
  • A forum for the exploration of opportunities for proactive, collaborative research and activities
  • Provide a forum for mutual support in areas relevant to management of marketing.


Meeting format

The network will aim to hold four general meetings each year.  

Members will engage in electronic discussion or videoconference to solve issues and benchmark practises.

Responsibility for running the network and keeping the group active and dynamic will be shared, for example:

  • agenda items raised by all members,
  • guest speakers sourced and proposed by any member where appropriate,
  • extra meetings proposed through the Chair by any member if required,
  • best practice examples shared freely between all members,
  • promotion of open and positive discussion at all times,
  • members confident they can speak freely,
  • confidentialities preserved.


2023 Meetings

20 March
19 June
18 September
27 November

All meetings are on a Monday from 11 am – 2 pm at the VTA office or via video link – MS Teams

Contact: Dan Mabilia
0499 010 864