The International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI) is an independent, national organisation that works with Australian governments, industry and education institutions to enable individuals to gain enhanced skills and experience in traditional trades, professions and leading-edge technologies. At the heart of the Institute are our Fellows. Under the Overseas Applied Research Fellowship Program the Fellows travel overseas. Upon their return, they are required to pass on what they have learnt by:

  1. Preparing a detailed report for distribution to government departments, industry and educational institutions
  2. Recommending improvements to accredited educational courses
  3. Delivering training activities including workshops, conferences and forums.

Fellowships Available


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Geographical and Contact details

ISS Institute
Level 1, 189 Faraday Street
Carlton, Victoria 3053, AUSTRALIA

Within Australia: 03 9347 4583
International: 61 3 9347 4583

Within Australia: 03 9348 1474
International: 61 3 9348 1474