Community and Industry Engagement Network

About the Network

The Community and Industry Engagement Network was formed in 2009.

The Terms of Reference are:

  • The sharing of implicit and explicit knowledge relating to areas of common interest for public TAFE and adult community providers.
  • The exploration of opportunities for innovation.
  • Identification of business development skills sets to enhance ongoing workforce development for TAFE staff.
  • Providing professional development for business development staff.
  • Strengthening partnerships in a competitive environment.
  • Encouraging collaboration between public and adult community providers.

Network Aims

The network aims to:

achieve organisational cultural shift at multiple levels by building a business culture in teaching areas to achieve flexibility and responsiveness;

acknowledge the complexities of our organisations;

achieve internal change management; and

maximise competitive advantages and demonstrate successes.

Membership of the Network
Victorian public TAFE and adult community providers and staff with business development responsibilities coupled with organisational decision-making authority, and business development contract management staff.
A representative of the Victorian TAFE Association (VTA).
Co-opted members as agreed by the membership of the network from time to time.
Members will have the capacity to nominate a proxy in the event they cannot participate in Network meetings.

2021 Meetings

16 February
25 May
24 August
23 November

All meetings are on a Tuesday from 10.30am to 2.00pm.

Key Contact
Dan Mabilia
0499 010 864