Victorian TAFEs welcome release of 'Macklin' report

The Victorian TAFE Association has welcomed the release of the final report from the Skills for Victoria's Growing Economy Review (Macklin Report).

The final report, released today, identifies that the VET sector is facing ‘great challenges and great opportunities’ in driving the economic and social recovery of Victoria from the pandemic and positioning Victorians for the future. The Report makes a series of recommendations, the cornerstone recommendation of which is the creation of a new independent body, FutureSkills Victoria, that will act as a champion and steward of the skills system.

An initial reading of the report underlines the importance that TAFE plays in the VET sector in Victoria. This is evidenced by the report’s recommendation to position TAFE as the ‘clear anchor’ of the VET sector and as the quality benchmark of the entire VET system. Recommendations around the development of an Annual Skills Plan to give direction to the VET sector and the development of a new model for financing based on the actual cost of training, reflects the thoughts of the TAFE sector during the review’s consultation.

Given the report’s importance, after full consultation with TAFEs, the Association will make a full response to the report.

The VTA will also await the government's response to the Report with interest.

Comments attributable to VTA Executive Director, Jeremy Irvine

“TAFEs will be looking at this report with great interest and taking the time to consider its findings.”

“Victorian TAFEs and their staff and communities worked through enormous challenges in responding to COVID. In a very short space of time in 2020, for example, TAFEs and Dual Sector Universities moved the majority of their delivery to online/remote learning in order to maintain the continuity of learning for thousands of students across the state. They also implemented a range of student support measures to keep students facing hardship engaged with their studies, and provided technical support for students in need to enable them to access remote learning.”

“In 2020, and now in 2021, Victorian TAFEs have demonstrated their ability to be agile and innovative in in their response to the training and skills needs of Victorians.”

“Victorian TAFEs provide quality training and deliver practical solutions across their 90-plus campuses each day and are a key education, social and economic resource, owned by all Victorians.”

pdf Media Release Macklin Report 03.02.21 (153 KB)