Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) websites – The ABS is Australia’s national statistical agency and is the primary source of statistical information about Australia, its people, economy and environment. The website provides statistical summaries, publications, links to other statistics websites, and detailed information about statistical collections.

National Centre for Education and Training Statistics (NCETS) (Australia) The role of the Centre, located within the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), is to provide timely and relevant data covering a wide range of education and training issues, and to coordinate the development and provision of national statistics in the field of education and training. This section of the ABS website provides further information about the Centre, its role and work programme.

Statistical Clearing House (Australia) The Statistical Clearing House (SCH), located within the Australian Bureau of Statistics, is the central clearance point for all Australian Commonwealth Government surveys involving 50 or more businesses. The aim of the clearance process is to reduce the burden placed on businesses in completing Commonwealth Government surveys by eliminating duplication and ensuring that good practice is followed when designing and conducting business surveys. This website provides further information about SCH’s role and a link to a register of business surveys.


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