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VTA Response to the Review of Australian Higher Education Discussion Paper June 2008 (75 KB)  (July 2008)

The VTA’s Response to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, major review of Australia’s higher education system.

 VTA Response to Skills Reform Discussion Paper  (230 KB)

The VTA’s Response to the Victorian Government’s April 2008 Securing our future economic prosperity: discussion paper on skills reform.

 Workforce Planning in TAFE – A Comparative Discussion Paper (March 2008) 

The VTA’s Comparative Discussion Paper on Workforce Planning in TAFE and its appendices. Each state (including the territories) is attempting to deal with the issues of a changing environment and workforce in a way suited to their particular circumstances. A comparison of these approaches will highlight best practices and generate further ideas for workforce planning and development initiatives for Victoria.

Towards a Smarter Economy : Investing in Vocational Education and Training – A VTA Discussion Paper (49 KB)  (August 2001)

TAFE Workforce : The Continuous Transition : A VTA Discussion Paper (96 KB)  (August 2001) Arising from the VTA Search Forum “The Future of the TAFE Workforce Search” 21-22 August 2001

Online Learning and Innovation (88 KB)  (June 2001) Monograph Series 2:2 June 2001

The VET Professional and TAFE Teacher Qualifications (376 KB)   (March 2001) Monograph Series 2:1 March 2001